It has been suggested that the classical concepts of geopolitics, most of which are outlined in Chapter 2, are remarkably transferable to the terrain of outer space. 1 To be sure, the application of space technology is simply the latest in a logical line of technoinnovations in the continuing process of refining and resurrecting geopolitical theory. If indeed the resurrection and rehabilitation of geopolitics is a useful (if not yet altogether laudable) goal, then it requires at a minimum continuing political relevance. In this chapter the essential quality of classical geopolitics is captured, and its reach extended to the realm of outer space, a transition called astropolitics and, where appropriate, Astropolitik. If geopolitical theory developed for the Earth and its atmosphere can be transferred to outer space, then, a fortiori, the utility and value of its fundamental concepts and holistic design remain relevant, and are suitable for a set of revised or neoclassical geopolitical propositions.