In this book we have discussed how Foucault understood the formation of power relations in today’s society and how he saw knowledge as inevitably tangled with such power relations to create certain types of subjects. In addition, we have dedicated this section of our book to the third axis of Foucault’s work: how an individual creates a self in connection with the other two axes. This dimension of his work centres around ‘the technologies of the self’: the slow formation of the self through practices of the self upon the self. In Chapter 8, we examined how individual fitness instructors might use their instructional practices to create a self that potentially frees the modern identity from the docility of the discursive power relations. In this chapter we continue to identify how the technologies of the self can transgress the unified identity created within the discursive knowledge/power axis, but this time tracing the technologies of the self for an academic self: what are the possibilities for a sport scholar to use the technologies of the self to transform his/her identity and through that process transform sport studies and sport in general?