This chapter is in three parts. First, I deal with issues arising from our duties to other people concerning food. The two most important foodrelated duties to others, namely our duty to help the hungry and the duties that arise from hospitality, are discussed in Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 respectively; this chapter deals with the rest. Then I consider food duties to ourselves, and more specifically the part played by food in pursuing ideals and the worthwhile life, which is an important theme in this book. Finally, I consider our duties to animals in the sphere of food. This last part is itself in three subsections: a review of some prohibitions on food that do not seem to have a basis in morality; a defence of vegetarianism; and an evaluation of some common objections to vegetarianism. The thesis that we have a duty to refrain from eating meat seems to me one of the most important moral issues concerning food, second in importance only to our duty to help the hungry.