Continuity and interaction are the two principles that form the framework for the social situation within which experiences occur. Dewey (1938: 43) indicates that we live in a series of situations, i.e. episodic experiences, as we suggested earlier in this study. He (1938: 47) draws his thinking about the nature of experience together thus:

learning process. • Self-initiated learning involves the whole person. • Independence, creativity and self-reliance are all facilitated when self-

Knowles wrote about andragogy for many years and in the process he kept modifying his understanding of the concept, which is to be expected as he continually reconsidered his formulations. By 1989 he wrote:

It means that for many kinds of learning the richest resources for learning are within the learners themselves. Hence, the greater emphasis being given in adult education on experiential techniques ... Hence, too, the greater emphasis on peer-helping activities.