So you’ve created your magnum manga opus, and you’ve done some scripting, some character sketches and a few pages of art. It’s probably a good idea to stop here and fi nd a publisher. Many publishers will want to see your initial material presented to them in a professional manner. This is called a pitch. Pitches almost never include your full 180page creation, and there’s a good reason for that. Many editors like to be involved from the starting point and help guide you toward a coherent plot, assist with pacing issues and offer suggestions on modifying character designs. Some editors, however, will be almost totally hands-off, and once your pitch is approved, you’ll be on your own. At any rate, it helps to sell your idea before doing the whole book for another good reason: you’re spending a lot of time on this, and you want to get paid for it. Who wants to do a giant amount of work and not get paid? You’ve got to put food on the table.