Derived from the Greek word 'xeros', meaning 'dry' and 'landscape'. Xeriscape means gardening with less than average water. Xeriscape is landscape consisting primarily of native, drought- resistant species, less than average turf, and other practices that require little or no maintenance, watering, or fertilization. Xeriscape landscaping incorporates seven basic principles which lead to saving water: planning and design, soil analysis, practical turf areas, appropriate plant selection, efficient irrigation, use of mulches, and appropriate maintenance. A Xeriscape-type landscape can reduce outdoor water consumption by as much as 50 percent without sacrificing the quality and beauty of the environment. Xeriscape is particularly beneficial to hotels that can use anywhere from 100,000 gallons (378,000 liters) to 1 million gallons (3.78 million liters) of water for irrigation each month.