Texaco (now part of ChevronTexaco) is one of the oldest oil companies in the world. It currently has approximately 18,000 employees and operations in more than 150 countries. It performs a wide range of activities and business along the value chain of the oil industry. It explores, produces, and commercializes oil and natural gas; manufactures fuels and lubricant products; operates a number of transportation and distribution facilities; and produces alternate forms of energy for power, manufacturing, and chemicals. In 2000, it produced 1.15 million barrels of oil per day, collected over $51.1 billion in revenue, and achieved a net income of $2.5 billion. Texaco has recently merged with Chevron (the final legal merger approval happened in the second semester of 2001). Teams formed of employees of both companies are already in the advanced stage of planning the operations of the new organization. In this case, we report primarily Texaco’s KM initiatives.