SERPRO (Servigo Federal de Processamento de Dados) is a federal agency linked to the Finance Ministry of the Brazilian government. It is the largest IT government services agency in Brazil with close to 9000 employees in 330 cities around the country. It provides its services in a competitive environment (private enterprises compete on many of the same projects) to government agencies at all levels that need robust, enterprise-level, mission-critical IT applications. The various systems it implemented over the years register over 1 billion transactions per year. The agency is well known for being at the forefront of technology adoption. One of its most notable accomplishments is the development and management of Brazil’s system for income tax return via the Internet in 1996. The system is very userfriendly, fast, and operates at high levels of security and efficiency. This led to a rapid adoption rate. Indeed, 92% of Brazilians’ income tax returns were filed via the Internet in 2000: a world record.