How would you manage if by some unlucky chance you were blinded? I pray it never happens, but you would find ways to compensate and get back to work. Blindness is no barrier to reaching the highest levels of office, as David Blunkett has proved. He must find it frustrating,

though, not being able to browse the newspapers, and be dependent on people to select and filter the information he gets. Inability to use IT is disabling for a manager. You can compensate,

and depend on people to select and filter information for you – but having poor IT skills is a voluntary disability. Data and information are the building blocks for knowledge. In the

new economy, information and knowledge have replaced tangible assets as the basis for business success. For executives in knowledge intensive organizations, the ability to share information and act on it are critical skills. In these organizations, information systems play a key role, and IT skills rank in importance alongside personal skills, self-motivation, and the ability to work unsupervised and in teams. Here is the chance to get an edge – hone up your computer skills.