The microphone inputs are plugged into an input box that connects to a splitter, in which each line is split to two different outputs. One output connects to the front of house (FOH) console, the other to the monitor console (Figure 61). The cables used to connect the microphone inputs to the FOH console are tinned copper pairs, each pair individually shielded with aluminum-polyester and stranded tinned copper drain wire. The most common cable used is Belden 8769 with 19 pairs or 8773 with 27 pairs. Various connectors are available to connect the multiway cables to the input box, splitter box, and consoles. All multipin connectors are delicate and must be handled with extreme care. Each connector has a locating arrangement that allows it to mate in one way only. Forcing the connection can damage the connectors and pins. The most suitable type of pins are gold coated and do not tarnish (Figures 6-1 and 6-2).