Key considerations in achieving improvement to toilet provision are the quality of toilet management and maintenance. Designing and building the toilets is only part of the battle. According to Singaporean toilet authorities, good toilet practice may be represented as a Golden Triangle, based on (1) good design and provision, (2) good management and maintenance, (3) education of users, training of cleaners and attendants, and cultural change in societal attitudes towards toilets (Onn, 1996). In comparison, Danfo, the Swedish toilet manufacturer, identifies three other requirements for successful toilet provision: design, location and management. In this chapter firstly the provision of toilets is set within the wider urban management policy and town centre management debate, then the funding and management of the toilet block is discussed, which inevitably involves tackling crime and vandalism. In fact, the initial capital cost of building a toilet is only a small part of total expenditure, perhaps 20% at most over a 10year period.