First shoot your footage 1 Condensed guide to shooting Chapter 5:1, page 146 2 Basic principles of lighting Chapter 5:2, page 150 3 Basic aims for sound skills Chapter 5:3, page 161

And also look at basic composition Better looking films Chapter 6:1, page 194

And look out for continuity problems Narrative continuity Chapter 6:2, page 211

If you are going to shoot on location Real world guide to location filming Chapter 5:4, page 180

Light your set professionally 1 Lighting attributes, aims and principles Chapter 5:2, page 150 2 Using lamps Chapter 5:2, page 150

And record sound professionally Hierarchy of sound recording techniques Chapter 5:3, page 171

Then improve your camera composition Better looking films Chapter 6:1, page 194

First record sound professionally Sound recording techniques Chapter 5:3, page 150

And look at other documentary filmmakers to get ideas Documentary background to revival Chapter 6:3, page 221

First shoot so that you can work with the clips on any screen Shooting for compression Chapter 5:5, page 188

Then avoid clichés Ingredients of VJ work Chapter 6:4, page 238

This chapter is going to help to get you filming quickly, taking you through the basics of filming so that you can start working on the projects detailed in this book. Refer to this chapter before you start each project so that you go shooting with more confidence, aware of the various obstacles that could arise.