The tactical level is where the value delivery occurs, and the people perform the value work.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming on People 1 :

The People aren’t the Problem.

The Process is broke.

Fix the Process.

Put the People to work fixing the Process.

Margaret Wheatley’s Ten Principles for Creating Healthy Communities 2 :

People Support what they Create.

People Act Responsibly when they Care.

Conversation Is the Way Human Beings Have Always Thought.

To Change the Conversation, Change Who is in It.

Expect Leaders to come from Anywhere.

We Focus On What Works and It Releases Our Creative Energy.

The Wisdom resides within Us.

Everything is a failure in the middle (When things are falling apart, what is done?).

Humans can handle anything, as long as we’re together (teamwork).

Generosity, Forgiveness, Love (Values and Principles).