Observations on the medicinal properties of the C. sativa growing in India were reported in 1843. The use of C. indica in the treatment of tetanus, hydrophobia and cholera was reported. A case reporting efficacy of the tincture of C. indica in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea was reported. Possible treatment of certain type of headache with Indian hemp have been described.

Marihuana activity of cannabinol was documented in 1945. Physiologically active fraction of C. sativa was described. A study reported pharmacology and acute toxicity of compounds with marihuana activity. Anticonvulsant action of marihuana-active substances was elaborated. Antibacterial action of C. indica was reported in 1952. A sedative and antibacterial active principle was reported from the German common hemp. Isolation and antibacterial properties of preparations of C. ruderalis growing in Ukraine was reported. Effect of C. indica on hexobarbital sleeping time and tissue respiration of rat brain was reported.