Visual development artwork is always created for a purpose. Either as the design for a feature film, a game, or a collection of visualized ideas to promote a project, its purpose is to tell a visual story that is easily understood, in the best case, with a design that is new and fresh. This type of artwork is not for its own sake; it is done for a project and is always strongly connected to the movie script, game concept, or project content. Therefore, all visual development artwork has to visualize those ideas and concepts and develop a world that only fits that specific content. If successful, it convinces the audience of the possible existence of the imaginary world created with its characters and environments. The visualization of any kind of project, interactive installation, game proposal, etc., needs to present its images in a contemporary fashion and exciting, new visuals to spur the imagination of the audience, and not repeat existing visuals the audience, has already seen before. Each project must develop its own unique design and look! The audience wants to be guided into a new world, a world they have not experienced. They want to be entertained, aside from a new story, with a new visual experience. The main purpose of development art would require it to be a fresh and new design with credibility that is strongly based on a concept and/or script and is, in the end, technically convertible.