120This section contains five chapters, each of which describes an engineering problem, where custom formulating offered a solution to the problem. In Chapter 7, development of a novel radiopaque adhesive allowed voids to be seen in an adhesive/sealant sandwiched between aluminum parts. The application was a nutation damper on the GOES satellite. In Chapter 8, an epoxy impregnant for satellite high-voltage power supplies needed to be reformulated to cure at a lower temperature to reduce residual stresses from developing. In Chapter 9, a special adhesive was needed to bond cyanate ester composite parts to one another in a microwave channeling device. The adhesive had to be platable using the same etching processing as for the composite parts. In Chapter 10, very high thermal conductivity is needed in an adhesive for a naval weapon system. The adhesive must also be of controlled strength for mission survival yet easy removal if necessary. In Chapter 11, flexible epoxy adhesives for three different functions are formulated to have room temperature storage stability as one-component systems. All of these inventions were patented.