From the first two chapters, we have seen how the inefficiencies present in the healthcare system have developed over time and why there is a real and urgent need for Clinical Co-Management Agreements (CCMAs). What does the future hold for the American healthcare delivery system? And how can we get there given the tools at our disposal? The long-term answer to that question is BUNDLING. By completely integrating care over a continuum of providers, bundling payment offers exciting possibilities to improve care, rein in costs, and realize better efficiencies in the healthcare system. Moving from the historical and ingrained fee-for-service (FFS) environment to one of bundling is perhaps one of the greatest healthcare challenges facing us in the next decade. CCMA offers a reasonable and achievable solution. CCMA serves as the precursor to fully bundled care and can serve as the bridge from FFS to bundling. CCMAs are 46the beginning point and the catalyst for providers to lay the groundwork for making bundling feasible and financially attractive. By emphasizing the collection and usage of data, along with the improved coordination of historically separated and siloed providers, CCMAs can begin to bridge what seems like the irreconcilable gulf between FFS and bundling (Figure 3.1).