The Breed History

This is reported to be an ancient breed. The bobtail cat was widely distributed around Asia in ancient times. The Emperor of China may have sent the first cats to Japan. First records of this type of domesticated cat in Japan date to 1000 years ago. First representatives of the breed were imported to the USA in 1968. The CFA granted championship status in 1976 for the Shorthair, and in 1993 added the Longhair variety. The bobtail is present in all cats of this breed, instead of showing up as a range of tail lengths as in the Manx cat. The tail is distinctive for this breed, the terminus being less than three inches away from the body, and frequently is kinked or curved. Tail hairs form a “pom-pom” rabbit-like tail and each tail is unique. In Japan, the van “Mi-Ke” (pronounced Mee-Kay) is thought to bring good luck. Maneki-neko (beckoning cat) statues depict a Bobtail cat with one paw raised, and are often placed in the doorways of homes and businesses for good luck. No outcrosses are allowed in CFA.