Tin is a very good electrical conductor, but when applying tin to electrical contacts and other conductive parts it is recommended to take several precautions due to the specific physical properties of tin (Section 1.1). These precautions are summarized in the so-called “Tin Commandments” [1,2]:

Tin-coated contacts should be mechanically stable in the mated condition

Tin-coated contacts need at least 100 g contact normal force

Tin-coated contacts need lubrication

Tin coating is not recommended for continuous service at high temperatures

The choice of plated, reflowed, hot air leveled, or hot tin dipped coating does not strongly affect the electrical performance of tin or tin alloy-coated contacts

Electroplated tin coatings should be at least 2.5 μm (~100 μin.) thick

Mating tin-coated contacts to gold-coated contacts is not recommended

Sliding or wiping action during contact engagement is recommended with tin-coated contacts

Tin-coated contacts should not be used to make or break current

Tin-coated contacts can be used under dry circuit or low level conditions