The hard disk drive or HDD plays an important role in the modern era of digital technology. The HDD industry began its journey in 1956, and since then, it has traveled through a history of extra-ordinary achievements which is rivaled only by the semiconductor revolution. Storage capacity of the HDD has grown from mere 5 MB (Mega Bytes) in 1956 on fifty 24-inch disks to more than 100 GB (Giga Bytes) stored on one disk of 3 1 2 https://s3-euw1-ap-pe-df-pch-content-public-u.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/9781315222134/8e53c366-2825-4283-80ee-00cb75b98f00/content/in1_u001.tif"/> inch diameter. During this relatively short period, the HDD industry has fostered excellent innovations in various scientific and technological disciplines related to the design and manufacturing of HDD. Mechatronics and control played a vital role in this path of achieving rapid growth in the capacity of HDD and continuously decreasing cost.