A construction project is characteristically a capital venture which is guided by a well-defined start and end point which is known as the zero date and contractual completion date.

This chapter deals with the mobilization of resources like manpower, material and machinery and creation of the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the kick-off.

This chapter teaches about the enormous responsibility and accountability of the construction manager starting from planning, developing and organizing construction activities to complete the work within the stipulated contractual timeline and budget, adhering to quality policy and safety policy of the company and delivering the project within stipulated timeline.

It is very difficult to start a project and it is equally difficult and complicated to complete a project, but construction activity in between moves with its own inertia. This chapter narrates what critical activities are to be carried out during mobilization, infrastructure and project development stages including different administrative functions like bank guarantee, application for labor license, and other statutory requirements within the purview of the general condition of the contract as well as special conditions of the contract to make the construction smooth.