The power house is the heart of power plant where electricity is generated the the conversion of various energies. This chapter provides an idea about physical features, hydraulic characteristics, load characteristics, and plant capacities. It describes functions of the power house. Hydraulic equipment and electromechanical equipment required for power generation are discussed. This chapter shows how this equipment is accommodated within the power house's various zones like the turbine generator, erection, and service areas. Readers will get an idea about the differences between various heads such as gross heads, net head, design heads, and rated and critical heads, as well as how to select the type of turbine with respect to available project head. The chapter explains various types of turbines and their characteristicsand suitable functions. It discusses selection procedures for turbines with available site data and shows how to compute rated head, plant capacity, trial speed, and velocity ratio for proper turbine selection.

Generators and driving systems are discussed in this chapter in connection to the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy along with its classification, rating, and its different components to give a complete idea about the hydroeletric power house.