This chapter provides information and guidance on environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental assessments, and teaches about the tools and techniques of environmental assessments as well as the environmental consequences. This chapter shows readers how this environmental impact assessment a plays pivotal role and explains how to manage this assessment including screening, scoping, terms of reference, prediction of consequences, mitigation measures, and public participation for suggestions, along with mitigation and environment management plan. It informs readers regarding adequate decision making based on the environmental statement submitted for approval.

This chapter indicates how the project proponent/project management consultant gets the public, a major stake holder, involved in the process for public hearings where environmental management plans, anticipated impacts and mitigation measures, public health management plans, disaster plans, biodiversity plans, and rehabilitation and resettlement plans are to be discussed in public consultations and hearings, with the required meeting minutes prepared as well as guidelines for readers on how the final environmental report public hearing minutes are submitted. Readers are also informed regarding appraisal of the report done by the advisory committee and their recommendation to the environmental impact assessment committee for final decision.