Huge fabrication work is involved in a hydro power project in the intake structure, radial gate, penstock, etc. The efficiency in fabrication and erection dictates the success of the project which comes through a series of activities. This chapter provides readers all sequential activities like surface cleaning, cutting, machining, drilling, fit up, welding, grit blasting and shop painting of structure. Readers, in this chapter, get an idea about the difference between a design drawing and cut sheet and how the cut sheet is used for fabrication of the structure. It also teaches readers how the cut length of each member along with size, shape and weight are tabulated in the cut sheet. It teaches about the methodology of setting the layout of the structure as per drawings.

This chapter teaches readers about welding procedure, welding procedure specification, welding procedure qualification and welding qualification procedure test.

This chapter indicates how quality of welded joint is assessed by weld joint procedure and also by the ability of the welder to achieve predictable welding of the joint and make the structure ready for erection which is also narrated in this chapter.