Safety in the workplace is of prime importance in the construction world. Working on any hydroelectric project is an inherently high risk activity. It usually involves work in rough, uneven, and unstable terrain in mountainous regions with flowing, turbulent rivers. It involves activities in high elevations with fall risks that can cause injury or death.

This chapter improves reader awareness regarding the implementation of systematic approachs to introduce safety at the work place. It explains to readers how an organizational structure is placed at the working level with responsibility and accountability per company's safety policy.

It adds \ how awareness and seriousness about safety is inducted at the grass root level by taking the “Safety Pledge” to promote and display safe working attitudes on site, which is intensified by conducting “Tool Box Talks” to the workforce each morning before work commences, emphasizing the compulsory use of personal protection equipment during working period to avoid injuries. It makes readers aware of how safe working mentalities are reinforced in the mind of the workforce by displaying safety slogans in key locations at the site, as well as by conducting safety competitions with rewards. This chapter demonstrates how safety is maintained on site by conducting weekly and monthly safety meetings at different levels.