This chapter discusses and explains to readers the quality of works or services as measured by its condition which is free from defects and deficiencies, flaws and faults, variations and violations with respect to specifications and standards. It further discusses the difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance. It educates about how top management of a company like to deliver quality goods by raising awareness of quality amongst its professionals though the company's Quality Policy or Quality Manual made as per the International Standard Organization.

It narrates how quality procedure is introduced at ground level adhering to the approved quality system by introducing a quality control group who are responsible for putting quality in place by reviewing the job procedures, inspection test plans, pour card, index of issued for construction drawings, list of material and its test, etc. It provides extensive knowledge to readers about how a big project is under control by conducting structured internal review, document control and record control as a preventive measure and subsequently by corrective action through weekly quality meetings at the working level as well as monthly quality meetings in the management level to achieve the desired target.