Common names of the Chinese grass carp are Wuan Ue, Ts’ou yu, Ts’yu, Waan yu, ca Cham, Chow hu, Sogyo, and white amur. The scientific name is Ctenopharyngodon idella (Val). The original habitat of the white amur includes the rivers draining to the Pacific between the Amur River, bordering northern China, approximate latitude 50 N, and the West River, or SiKiang, approximately latitude 23 N, and in all the rivers between. The habitat area also includes the middle and lower Amur River (as far upstream as Blagouschensk), Sungari, Ussuri, Lake Khanka, China southward to Canton and is found in rivers, lakes, and ponds of Siberia (Amur region), Manchuria, North China, and South China. 7 , 29 , 41