In this section, a simulation system is described that enables computations on high impulse voltage measuring systems to be carried out effectively. For a given excitation, the system response as well as the response time parameters can be computed. The measuring system is composed of a chain of concentrated and distributed parameters, each represented by a quadripole. Total response at the output will be secured by sequential summation of the response at each quadripole beginning at the entry of the first unit. The input voltage is given either by its analytical or digital form which is usually recorded by means of a fast A/D transient digitizer. On the other hand, given the output response that has been distorted by the measuring system, the input function could be retracted and secured by deconvolution procedures based on the same simulation system. The simulation system described in this section is the work of Profs. P. N. Nikolopoulos and F. V. Topalis, and is described in IEEE Proceedings. This system can also be used in computer-aided design of high voltage systems and for the correction of errors introduced by these systems.