Although cooperative ventures between international agencies may have closed gaps in forging globally accepted uniform codes of driving, there is still great diversity. Undoubtedly, we all experience quite distinct driver behaviours in one country that are not seen in others – and perhaps these deviations are more often than not viewed as unacceptable forms of conduct. Such sets of behaviour surrounding the automobile – whether related to ownership and maintenance or to operation and performance – are all unique aspects of localized car-cultures (Featherstone, 2004). Yet, among all this diversity, one thing that is true for all drivers everywhere is the fact that we all listen to music while we drive. Therefore, Driving With Music has weaved the development of car-audio into

the social fabric of automobility and has placed the interface of cars-&-music at the forefront of popular culture as it had taken command of the visual, literary, and the sonic art forms already from the 1940s. To this end, the book provides seven appendixes as resources for readers; these list the names of full feature films about the road, as well as those that highlight car movies, car video games, car songs, and CD compilations of driving tracks. Although the lists cannot cover every exemplar in the each category, these resources act as a useful springboard for anyone interested in the topic.