➤ The mini-mental state examination is widely used as a screening tool for mental state. It includes the following components.

➣ Orientation = 10

Can you tell me today’s date/month/year? = 3

Which day of the week is it today? = 1

Can you tell me which season it is? = 1

What city/town are we in? = 1

What is the county/country? = 2

What building are we in and on what floor? = 2

➣ Registration = 3

Can you repeat the following (name to the patient three objectives such as ‘ball, car, man’)? = 3 (one point for each word).

➣ Attention and calculation = 5

From 100 keep subtracting 7. Give one point for each correct answer. Stop after 5 answers (93/86/79/72/65).

Alternatively, ask the patient to spell ‘WORLD’ backwards and give a point for each correct letter.

➣ Recall = 3

What are the three words I asked you to say earlier (‘ball, car, man’)? = 3 (one point for each word).

➣ 10Language, naming and repeating = 3

Name these objects (show, for example, a watch and pencil). Give one point for each correct answer.

Repeat the following: ‘no ifs, ands or buts’.

➣ Reading = 2

Write the following instruction on a card ‘close your eyes’. Ask the patient to read the sentence and do what it says.

➣ Three-stage command = 3

Present the patient with a piece of paper and ask them to take the paper in their left hand, fold it in half and put it on the floor. Give one point for each correct action.

➣ Construction = 1

Draw two intersected hexagons and ask the patient to copy it.