Nick was aware of the changes in himself that had happened since he had first come to counselling. He couldn’t really explain them all, and he didn’t really have the language to fully make sense of it or to communicate it, but he was aware of feeling somehow more freed up. He didn’t have so much to worry about. The verbal bullying had stopped and it really felt great knowing he’d had a major part in stopping it. That felt quite powerful and he liked that. Yeah, he’d managed to silence them. The teachers, they’d taken him, it, seriously. It felt good to just walk along the corridor at school without always being tense, waiting for something to happen, listening out for footsteps. He still did sometimes, seemed to flip back into his old anxieties and worries. He had decided he wanted to talk to Simon about this in the next session. It wasn’t a big deal, but he wanted to be sure that they would go. He didn’t want them around at all.