Jodie left the session feeling somehow more whole, more herself, though she couldn’t really explain why. Just felt that she could be more of herself with Sandy than with anyone else, and that just felt good. She wished she had a better grasp of language; she kind of sensed that it was more than just good, but it was hard to really put it into words. But she felt lighter in herself as she headed off for the bus. She did feel sorry about Em and Ally, and she was determined to talk to them again if an opportunity arose, and it felt right. She’d noticed that Em had pocketed the leaflet she’d given her while Ally had thrown hers away. So maybe at least Em wasn’t so sure about what she was doing. That’s a point, she thought, maybe she should try and catch Em on her own some time? Yeah, that felt good, she’d look out for an opportunity. She got on her bus.