Every human activity that involves the construction or manufacture of something new requires that there be an evaluation of the need or needs to be satisfied. This is true for such varied activities as those of a husband and wife who wish to install shelves in a child’s room (how many, on which wall are they to be located, what will be kept on the shelves, how they are to be supported), the retail store that must expand its showroom (on the same site or at a new location, how large, display window considerations, and so forth), the company manu-facturing television receivers (size, stereo or monaural, remote control or not, on-screen menus), and the manufacturer of automobiles (family car, minivan, two-door or four-door, trunk space, accessories such as a radio or provision for a cellular phone). The items listed in parentheses in the previous sentence are needs or possible needs, even though very ill defined, with some rudiments of specifications.