The fifth chapter presents five waste-to-energy (WtE) case studies with data based on reports from technical visits made by the author to these facilities in the Americas. These case studies present technical data and specifications, such as the capacity and type of input waste, combustion chamber conditions, steam parameters, electrical efficiency, flue-gas cleaning systems, bottom and fly ash treatment processes, stack emissions, etc., and, additionally, basic financial data such as investment costs, the gate/tipping fee(s), and feed-in tariffs on electricity. Many photographs, taken by the author, are included.

The relevant WtE Plants are: two in the United States, one in Union County, New Jersey, and the newest one, operating since 2016, in West Palm Beach, Florida; and the newest plant in the Americas, the DYEC WtE Plant near Toronto, Canada (including the impressive online stack emissions in the main plant entrance). Innovation opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean are considered; especially the site visit at the combustion laboratory in Cienfuegos, Cuba, in addition to the potential for WtE plants in Cuba that was addressed through relvant intensive courses and seminars held in 2016 in Havana and Cienfuegos. Finally the potential for Developing.