The manufacturing of natural fiber composite (NFPC) includes the process of interfere the matrix into the reinforcement textile structure material to produce the final composite shapes. The reinforcement may be in form of wood flour, short fibers in bulk form (two-dimensional fiber mat or random fiber mat), entangled forms (non-woven), yarns, 2-D or 3-D fabrics (woven, knitted, biaxial braided, triaxial, multidirectional). The manufacturing process should satisfy the following requirements:

Not affect the orientation of fibers or yarns of the reinforcement architect;

The fiber volume fraction should be constant in the composite in its different parts;

Insure excellent bonding of the matrix to the fiber reinforcement;

208Not allow yarns touch each other;

Insure minimum voids percentage;

Minimum material waste of fibers or matrix;

Low cost;

Safety and environment protection.