Ever since (6-7 years back) we, as Engineers initiated research in chemometrics, we felt it difficult to wander among statistics text books and journals related to chemometrics. Later, we also found the reclusiveness of the published books related to chemometrics to boast a chapter on data presentation, acquisition, and design of experiments for data generation, data pre-processing, basic statistical measures, hypothesis testing and regression. Data pre-processing including outlier detection, data reconciliation, and data transform is immensely important in chemometrics. It is essential to determine the nature of the underlying process; whether it is stochastic and deterministic, collected data are stationary or non-stationary so that the appropriate data pre-processing and application algorithms can be developed with outmost confidence. Present chapter addresses all of them crafted through suitably designed problems exploiting the power of simple EXCEL and MATLAB functions. Chapter-1, by its morphology is very different one compared to the rest of the chapters in this book. One can take this chapter in a sense of an elaborate taxonomy towards an easy transition to the core chapters of this book. More so, Chapter1, in its present form may be treated as a pre-requisite for any maiden research to get initiated in this area, and that has been a motivation behind the present chapter being proposed as an integral part of the book.