As previously stated, one of the most misunderstood aspects of climate change is not the rise in air temperature by a few degrees—it is the sheer havoc that those “few degrees” will wreak not only on human society but on the natural environment. One aspect of human nature is that if something is not directly affecting us, it probably will not make a lasting impression. For instance, consider this: Every time something upsets the balance in the Middle East and the price of gas skyrockets at the pumps as a result, people complain, drive less, maybe put their Sport Utility Vehicle’s (SUV’s) up for sale, seriously consider buying a hybrid, adopting a greener lifestyle, and talking about the environment and recycling. Then, right after the prices fall again at the pump, people get comfortable in their “business as usual” ways, and that is the end of it until the next panic at the pumps. What percentage of the general public do you suppose really takes it seriously and follows through for the environment?