In the second installment of Applying Technology to Sustainability, we will be focusing on the issues of smart transportation, alternative fuels, advanced fuels, and new fuel technology. These represent several exciting new areas of technology in the fast-paced world of sustainability. In the smart transportation arena, we will look at smart street design and its growing importance in urban growth today, transit-oriented development, and the ins and outs of sustainable transportation planning. From there, we will next take a look at the explosion of alternative fuels and transport options that are either available or on the horizon, including fuel cells, hybrids, flex fuels, plug-ins, air powered transportation, and cars of the future. We will look at alternative fuels and advanced fuels, and then delve into new fuel technology. Finally, we will explore the latest innovations that have been in the news recently. You may be surprised at what you will find, and the commodities scientists have found to power the future.