The two appropriate methods of acquiring a leasehold interest and obtaining possession were mentioned in Chapter 8; the acquiring authority may either acquire the reversionary interest and serve notice to quit in accordance with the terms of the lease on the lessee, or serve a notice to treat on the lessee and expropriate his interest as an ordinary compulsory acquisition. In the case of what are called short tenancies, where the person in possession has no greater interest in the land than as tenant for a year or from year to year (including a term of years certain which at the relevant time has less than a year unexpired), a notice to treat need not be served; if possession is required by the authority, it can either serve a notice to quit in accordance with the terms of the tenancy, or a notice of entry, of not less than 14 days under the Compulsory Purchase Act 1965, section 11. In the latter case, compensation is assessed by virtue of section 20 of the same Act if the tenant is required to give up possession before the expiration of his term.