In recent times, the steady escalation in the amount of waste generated from mining and diversified industries has created environmental concern related to the depletion of natural resources and landfill-mediated pollution (Siddique, 2011). For the remediation of such hazards, the effective management of solid waste has become inevitable worldwide. Due to insufficient space for landfill and the increasing costs of land disposal, it has become imperative to recycle and reutilize industrial waste materials. Mine waste materials and industrial by-products are categorized into various groups. The use of these waste materials in concrete not only reduces disposal concerns and eases environmental concerns but also makes these concretes economical as well as sustainable (Singh, 2013). Natural sand is declining due to its enormous consumption in the construction industries. Therefore, it is vital to replace natural river sand with other fine aggregates that are suitable for making sustainable self-compacting geopolymer concrete (SCGPC), such as spent garnet. This is the recurring theme of this book.