A project superintendent must have the personal ability and have been given the authority to make other team members successful. Both of these are proven measures of an individual’s personal leadership skills, as will be discussed in detail in Chapter 19. A series of control and management tools are utilized by the jobsite supervision team to achieve project success. Superintendent controls are among the primary focuses of this book. Project control systems for both the project manager (PM) and superintendent include:

Safety control;

Cost control;

Schedule control;

Quality control; and

Document control.

Schedule control will be discussed in the next chapter. Quality control will be discussed along with inspections and punch lists in Chapter 16. Document control is threaded throughout this book and is also discussed in detail in Chapter 15. This chapter addresses safety and cost control. These five areas of control must work together homogeneously for the jobsite team to achieve success, as reflected in Figure 12.1. If any one of these areas fails, the project will fail. In addition, several other superintendent management tools or processes are described here and elsewhere, including:

Material management (Chapter 8);

Labor relations (Chapter 9);

Subcontract management (Chapter 9);

Equipment management (Chapter 14);

Cash flow management including change orders and payment requests (this chapter);

Direct labor productivity (this chapter); and

Risk management (this chapter).

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