The sustainable and regenerative governance is presented in relation with the mission account, by relationship and partnership with the multiple stakeholders, in the postmodern strategic management, so promoting the inclusions and the dialog/with total transparency in the social act and the economic action. The qualitative aspects are presented at cognitive level, with an approach of the methodological quantification by introducing the so-called 8 × 8 mission matrix. It considers the network and dialog with the stakeholders quantifiable by binary correlations (yes/no or 1/0), yet with the informational energy evaluation (of relationship) stored, by both quantum and logistic modeling. This way, one identifies three different fundamental types of relationship (good, detrimental, and synergic). The connection with the cubic strategic potential in the distinctive advantage paradigm of the organizations is realized by applying the maximum path— minimal entropy principle, according to the present econo-ecological governance ethical message. Motto:

“On one side we have the world in our pocket, on the other side the world is spying on us!”

—Jean-Michel Jarre (2016). The Story Behind “Exit” from Electronica 2—The Heart of Noise.