In civil engineering it is common for the design codes to include a design life. These design lives have tended to get longer as the standards have evolved. Three examples of this for bridge structures are given here:

In the UK and Europe, the basis of structural design used (BS1990, 2002) gave a design life requirement for monumental building structures, bridges and other civil engineering structures of 100 years. This life requirement has since been increased to 120 years.

In the USA, there are bridge design specifications (AASHTO, 2012) which require a design life of 75 years and more recently a strategic highways initiative (SHRP2, 2013) which looked for a 100 year life and also provided an outline methodology of how to obtain this life.

The Norwegians started with a design life of 60 years and then went to 100 years (Gjorv, 2014) life requirement for their bridge structures.