Chapter 8 presents a proposal for the revision of the current EU Commission Regulation 1321/2014 and especially Annex III (Part-66) and Annex IV (Part-147). However, it is envisaged that its main principles, scope and other training methodologies can be followed by the other agencies across the globe.

The overall purpose of the suggested amendment to the regulation is to update the existing training system in order to be capable to deliver to the industry skilled, well-educated and licensed aircraft maintenance engineers. It is envisaged that the adoption of the suggested approach will cover the declared needs of the aviation industry and respond to the challenges raised in the area of aircraft safety.

This new approach attempts to integrate human factors into the several modules both directly and horizontally with the purpose of providing young engineers with the necessary skills and knowledge and enhance their attitude towards safety. It also aims to resolve the issue of the anticipated shortage of new engineers in the coming years.