After 40 years of intensive research and development of solid-state actuators, the focus has gradually shifted to applications and commercialization. Automatic focusing mechanisms (Canon) in cameras, inkjet printers (Epson), and compact camera modules for mobile phones (Samsung Electromechanics), and multilayer piezoelectric actuators for diesel injection valves (TDK-EPCOS) have been mass-produced on a scale of 1–100 millions of pieces per month. Throughout this period of commercialization, especially over the last decade, new actuator designs and methods of drive and control have been developed to meet the requirements of the latest applications. At a somewhat slower pace, advances in device reliability and strength have likewise occurred, although some considerable work is yet to be done in further extending the lifetime of devices and ensuring consistent performance over that period. An overview of these recent trends in development is presented in this chapter, followed by a projected view of future trends and design concepts.