Fresh produce is one of the fastest growing food categories in the supermarkets due to increase in its consumption and health beneficial attributes. Fresh products are consumed in raw, minimally processed, or processed ready-to-eat (RTE) forms as whole products, fresh cut, and ingredients. The interest in minimal processing technologies led to the broad research in UV light technology to replace traditional thermal preservation techniques and chemical interventions. Application of UV light can potentially result not only in better quality and longer shelf-life but in a higher nutritional value or products with additional health benefits and reduced waste. This chapter aims to provide detailed information in the latest studies and applications of continuous and pulsed UV light for processing fresh produce products. The focus will be made on the effects of UV on survival of microorganisms typical for leafy greens, whole and fresh-cut fruits, and vegetables followed by the discussion of the reported research of effects of UV light on quality and bioactive compounds. Also, feasibility of improving grain storage through inhibition of mold growth in maize and wheat will be discussed.