The previous chapters discussed the functionalization of viral nanoparticles (VNPs) by chemical modification, encapsulation, and mineralization. Now, in order to be useful for functional devices, these functionalized VNPs must be incorporated into other materials, immobilized onto solid supports, or ordered into films or arrays. Films and arrays of nanoparticles are of great importance. The trend, especially in the electronic industry, is to miniaturize devices. A common example is the iPod Nano, the smaller version of Apple’s iPod. In order to manufacture such miniaturized devices, while maintaining efficiency and high-quality performance, smaller building blocks such as wires or data storage chips, are required. Recent developments in nanotechnology, such as viral nanotechnology, have led to the development of materials with high potential for the development of such miniaturized devices. The potential of VNP building blocks for manufacturing battery electrodes, for example, has been shown.