74Optimum inspection, monitoring and maintenance strategies should be established by using an appropriate optimization process to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of service life management. Chapter 4 focuses on such an optimization process using the probabilistic fatigue crack damage detection-based objectives. The objectives used in this chapter include maximizing the lifetime probability of fatigue crack damage detection, minimizing the expected fatigue crack damage detection delay, and minimizing the fatigue crack damage detection time–based probability of failure. By solving the single–objective optimization problem for inspection planning, the inspection times are estimated, and the effects of the number of inspections and the inspection quality on optimum inspection planning are investigated. The single-objective optimization for optimum monitoring planning produces optimum monitoring starting times for the given number of monitorings and monitoring durations. The relation among the number of monitorings, monitoring duration and optimum monitoring planning is studied. Furthermore, the optimum combined inspection–monitoring planning is also presented.