Chapter 1 of this book presented an overall introduction to the concept of accuracy assessment and provided a list of questions that might be asked when conducting such an assessment. Chapter 2 provided a review of the history of accuracy assessment. In this chapter, it is time to dig in a little more deeply and study the entire process more closely, so that the analyst has a thorough overview to plan their assessment. The overarching goal of this book is to provide the necessary considerations and knowledge for the remote sensing analyst to effectively conduct a full and complete quantitative accuracy assessment of their own or another’s map. However, there are many ways to consider the validity of a map. Some of these are qualitative, while others are quantitative. Finally, some look at map quality from an error budgeting approach, while others provide a more visual comparison. It is important for the analyst to be aware of all the possible approaches for evaluating their map when planning just how to conduct their assessment.