The primary step in correlation analysis is to present the bivariate data (two-variable data) on a graph sheet and grasp the type of relationship. Such a graphical representation is known as scatter diagram or dot diagram. The scatter diagrams showing different types of relationship are given in Figure 12.1. The Dot Diagram (A) Shows The Positive Linear Relationship Between Per Capita Income (Pci) And The Number Of Psychiatrists Per One Lakh Population Of Eight Countries. The Dot Diagram (B) Shows The Negative Linear Relationship Between Pci And Annual Growth Rate (Agr) Of Population. The Dot Diagram (C) Shows No Relationship Between Pci And The Density Of Population. The Dot Diagram (D) Shows Curvilinear Relationship Between Pci And Number Of Psychiatric Nurses Per Psychiatrist Manpower. https://s3-euw1-ap-pe-df-pch-content-public-u.s3.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/9780429023309/58a45e90-6c22-48ce-9f7d-1612419219fa/content/fig12_1.tif"/>